“The Great Lakes Pilotage Authority (GLPA) had identified the importance to modernize its billing and dispatching system as to better meet its operational needs and its customer needs while optimizing its resources. The Saab team did an exceptional job in understanding our needs and configuring the KleinPilot system to effectively address them. The GLPA is very appreciative of the Saab team’s professionalism in the configuration and implementation support and we are very satisfied with the new solution.”

- Stéphane J.F. Bissonnette, Chief Financial Officer, Great Lakes Pilotage Authority


CP Logo“The implementation could not have gone smoother and remained exactly on budget. Saab was able to meet or exceed the project schedule time lines and their engineers and trainers were exceptional. The system is so well integrated that we are able to invoice for services within minutes of completion of operational activities. The use of mobile applications with our pilots and on our tugs and pilot boats has significantly enhanced overall efficiencies. We have incorporated the system schedule information into our website harbour traffic portal at and this is used by all port stakeholders. We expect to move forward with Phase II system enhancements early in 2017.”

- Urvin Inocente, IT Manager and Project Manager, Curacao Ports Authority


Belfast Logo

“Belfast Harbour had identified a need for a new port management information system and had a clear vision of what this should do to best support the needs of the Port and its customers. Saab demonstrated that their solution best meets all of our needs, marrying together innovation, technology, and cutting edge industry processes.  With Saab’s assistance the implementation phase has gone very smoothly, has delivered what we were looking for and has gone live on schedule and on-budget.”

- Trevor Anderson, Operations Director, Belfast Harbour 



“We selected Klein for its port industry experience and its proven ability to deliver comprehensive port management solutions.”

- Don Krusel, President & CEO, Prince Rupert Port Authority



“I believe we could confirm that everything worked well. Your support is really appreciated, especially when needed you did a fantastic job. I know we have a big time difference but I never felt as if we were in two different corners of the world.”

- Shane Dharmaratne, System Administrator, Pilbara Ports Authority



“On behalf of PTP, we would like to say a big thank you to your team. The sessions with KSG, IT and Marine teams were more than based on rules, procedures and instructions. It was more on trust, cooperation and support. Thanks for being such a wonderful team …”

- Mohd Khairulla Ahmed, Process Improvement, Port of Tanjung Pelepas



“I would like to express my gratitude to Gavin & Andriy for their efforts early this week in assisting us to migrate to the new VM’s for our port management system. As I have noted before, KSG staff have shown on numerous occasions a high level of dedication and attention to detail as well as technical abilities. Please pass on my thanks & be proud of your staff  as they continue to be your company’s shining lights.”

-Dave Paul, Senior Business Analyst, Flinders Ports



“Everyone is really happy with how easy this (invoicing) is compared to the old system. It has improved from 8 days to 4 days in the first month.”

- Marie Porter, Finance Manager, Dublin Port Company



“The system you installed last week seems very stable.  I have had no reports of any glitches from our employees.  Our customers are beginning to use the change/cancel feature in the Agent Portal and love it.  All the other upgrades are working and are great enhancements to our system.  Thanks again for all your hard work.”

- Bruce Northway, Manager Operations and Labour Relations, Pacific Pilotage Authority




“I want to make sure you know how much the work you did on Christmas Eve and day were appreciated   I know you worked into the holiday night.”


- Fran Black, Office Executive Manager/Assistant, San Francisco Bar Pilots



“Your good work was nationally recognized today – fantastic recognition for you and your team too! Thank you all for the good work ! It is not every day that Prime Minister of the country looks at the software that you make.”

- Melissa Reiter, General Manager, Darwin Port Corporation



“The new invoice printing process is GREAT!  I had all of my invoices printed by 9:00 am this morning.”



- Gritts Lesli, Accountant, Port of Stockton