Making Ports More Efficient

In an increasingly competitive environment, providing superb customer service is a critical differentiator. Ports with outdated systems and manual, paper-based processes are at distinct disadvantage in today’s knowledge-driven world.

At the heart of any port community is the port itself. The Port’s ability to reduce delays and meet customers’ requirements enhances supply chain efficiency. Every day, ports deal with situations involving safety, security, environmental awareness and commercial concerns. The right Port Management Information System (PMIS) can have a significant positive impact on the daily operation of the port by giving users the information, notifications and analysis they need, when they need it. Exchanging timely, accurate information with customers, suppliers and stakeholders benefits everyone. Saab Technologies (formerly Klein Systems Group) has been providing these solutions to the maritime industry since 1985.

With KleinPort, agents can submit requests electronically, reducing errors, phone calls and e-mails, allowing harbour masters to focus on managing exceptions.

Resource providers such as Pilots, Tugs and Linesmen are updated on the latest details of a vessel’s visit so they can stay proactive and deliver their services on time.

Shipping lines can turn their vessels around faster and receive timely, accurate billing for services rendered. Port business development specialist can provide accurate shipping statistics to customers and analyze growth trends.

Electronic manifests speed up the cargo management process.

Management of leases and agreements is automated, ensuring leaseholders are billed accurately, even those with complex agreements.

Everyone in the Port community has the accurate, timely information they need.

Ports themselves can streamline their operations and grow without the need for additional staff and business infrastructure while increasing revenue and improving cash flow.

KleinPort can make this happen.

KleinPort offers a modular approach to solution delivery that is precisely tuned to your unique needs.

Visit Management

Find all the information related to a visit is in one, easy to access location. Minimize phone interruptions and e-mails with Web-initiated visit requests. Manage vessel scheduling, berth planning, conflict resolution, waypoint and route management, VTS/AIS integration and document management. Reduce data entry time and deal with conflicts proactively, saving time and effort later.

Resource Management

Plan, schedule, request and allocate various resources such as Pilots, Tugs, Linesman and Port equipment. Ensures resources are available at the planning stage thereby reducing delays later. Efficiently monitor and utilize service providers and Port facilities.

Cargo Management

Electronically import cargo manifests, dangerous goods handling, errors and omission processing, commodity code mapping. Accurate cargo data imported electronically reduces data entry time and ensures accurate billing and reporting.

Billing Management

Reduce your cost and effort to collect revenue with rate table based tariffs, multiple inputs for a single tariff, customer or vessel contract management, automated billing processes and Accounts Receivables.

Tariffs are easy to update, complex tariffs are automatically handled reducing billing errors and calculation time. Contract management is automatic, reducing the time to generate appropriate discounts, special rates and manage minimum guarantees. All invoicing is automatic and operational data and financial data are kept synchronized.

Property Management

Make it easier to manage your properties. Manage details of agreements, tenants, produce rent rolls, expiration notifications. Rent invoices are automatically created reducing preparation time and ensuring accuracy. Ports can specify rent increases to be automatically applied. Lease renewal dates are flagged ensuring all charges are billed accurately and on time.

KleinMobile Management

Pilot Mobile Management

Manage dispatch communications and reporting for your mobile workers such as pilots, launch crews and linesmen using the KleinMobile iOS app. Automatically communicate job assignments and receive acknowledgements. Set dynamic alarms to be alerted of job times. Capture pertinent data and submit worksheets when a job is completed. Virtually eliminate the errors and delays associated with voice communications and paper reporting . Generate invoices within hours of work being completed.

System Management

Manage the system the way that best suits your organization. These system tools let you control user privileges, security, operational workflow, interfaces to 3rd party systems and the reporting and messaging functions of the system. Messages and alerts can be sent automatically based upon specified events, greatly improving communications. Key data changes are recorded automatically, providing an easily accessible audit trail. The system comes with a robust report generator, making it simpler for you to get the information you need to run your business.

Common Operating Picture (COP)

Give port users a real time visibility of current and future activities across your port’s domain with a web-based map overview of your KleinPort data.

With the KleinPort Common Operating Picture users can use a GIS interface to quickly and intuitively view and update cargo information, vessel locations and vessel visit details merged with up to the minute AIS position data and scaled icons for all vessels. Information is layered to allow users to select only the data relevant to their area of interest. In addition to viewing real time information, KleinPort COP allows users to view historic and forecast data in the GIS interface to conveniently plan and analyse berth occupancy.