ksg-solutions-modalKlein Systems Group Ltd. (KSG) provides software solutions to meet the diverse and changing needs of maritime ports, vessel traffic regions and piltoages. KSG’s global experience servicing maritime communities and industries is unparalleled. KSG has developed the most comprehensive Port Management Information System available today: KleinPort. Together with KSG’s other product: KleinPilot, KSG is able to provide superior, best of breed applications specific to port operations, marine pilot dispatching and billing, as well as combine them into a powerfully integrated platform to facilitate efficient port community collaboration. Our core expertise is our deep understanding of maritime operations and port and pilotage work flows and applying that expertise to provide the most effective solution possible for our customers.

KSG has done this successfully for over 30 years, deploying solutions in over 45 ports globally, most of whom remain our clients today. As well, KSG has provided solutions for numerous pilotage and tug organizations around the world. Over our 30 year history, KSG has successfully deployed over 100 solutions globally. Our Clients are our chief benefactor and greatest advocates.