Great Lakes Pilotages Go Live With Saab

June 13, 2017

The Canadian Great Lakes Pilotage Authority and the Great Lakes Pilotage Division of the United States Coast Guard have opened the 2017 shipping season using their upgraded Great Lakes Pilot Management System based on the latest version of Saab’s KleinPilot.

GLPA PictureThe new system went live on schedule with the season opening. It is being used by the two organizations and the U.S. Great Lakes pilotage associations to manage the rostering and dispatch of the more than 100 marine pilots on the Great Lakes and automatically generate billing in accordance with the applicable tariffs. 

The system is fully web based and includes a web portal for agents to submit pilotage requests and monitor assignment status. All of the pilots are able to use the KleinMobile iOS app on their iPhone or iPad to receive assignments, record job information and submit time cards. Saab is hosting the shared system on behalf of the two organizations. 

The Great Lakes Pilotge Authority (GLPA) had identified the importance to modernize its billing and dispatching system as to better meet its operational needs and its customer needs while optimizing its resources. The GLPA is very appreciative of the Saab team’s professionalism in the configuration and implementation support and we are very satisfied with the new solution. The future looks very promising”, says Stéphane Bissonnette CFO at GLPA. 

The Great Lakes Pilotage Authority is a Canadian federal crown corporation responsible for providing a safe and efficient pilotage service within the Great Lakes region for commercial vessels.

The U.S. Coast Guard Great Lakes Pilotage Program is a specialized program that manages the processes and procedures for the United States registered pilots on the Great Lakes.  

Pilotage within the international waters of the Great Lakes is managed by the two organizations under a memorandum of arrangements between Canada and the United States.  

KleinPilot is a product of the Maritime Traffic Management product area of Saab, Your Trusted Partner in Maritime Software

Curacao Ports Authority Goes Live with Saab’s KleinPort Port Management Information System

January 23, 2017

CPA Port Photo BEA_0323-21As of January 1st, 2017 the Curacao Ports Authority (CPA), and its tug operating affiliate KTK, are officially in production with their new KleinPort port management information system. CPA and KTK are using the KleinPort system to schedule, manage and track vessel operations, allocate tugs, pilots and other services, generate billing and execute data analysis and reporting.  CPA selected Saab as the system supplier in June 2016 after an extensive public tendering process for a new port management system. The elapsed time from contract award to system acceptance was less than six months.

Urvin Inocente, CPA IT Manager and Project Manager, says, “The implementation could not have gone smoother and remained exactly on budget. Saab was able to meet or exceed the project schedule time lines and their engineers and trainers were exceptional. The system is so well integrated that we are able to invoice for services within minutes of completion of operational activities. The use of mobile applications with our pilots and on our tugs and pilot boats has significantly enhanced overall efficiencies.  We have incorporated the system schedule information into our website harbour traffic portal at and this is used by all port stakeholders. We expect to move forward with Phase II system enhancements early in 2017.”

“KleinPort is one of the most advanced port management information systems available today and is expected to significantly increase the efficiency of the port authority”, says Peter Behrendt, Managing Director of Saab Technologies Ltd.

The Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA) manages all ports of Curaçao’s ports and also owns the container and cruise terminal and most of the wharves and properties adjacent to the harbor, which are leased to private operators. CPA also coordinates pilotage and regulates all vessel movements in the ports. Moreover, CPA is responsible for commercial developments of the ports and for overseas promotion.

KleinPort is a product of the Maritime Traffic Management product area of Saab.


Saab to Supply KleinPilot to the Port Authority of New South Wales

December 16, 2016

The Port Authority of New South Wales has awarded Saab a contract to implement a new KleinPilot pilot dispatch application for Sydney Harbour and Port Botany. The new KleinPilot system will be used by Port staff to more efficiently manage the dispatch of the pilots in the two ports and streamline communications with the pilots. KleinPilot is based on Saab’s state-of-the-art N-Tier management information system platform and will include the following features and functionality:

  • Web-based interface to facilitate easy user access and deployment
  • KleinMobile iPhone application to allow pilots to receive assignments, record job information and submit time cards on their mobile device

The system will be hosted and maintained by Saab and is scheduled to commence use in live production by May 2017.

Port Authority of New South Wales works to ensure the consistent, reliable and safe movement of cargo and passenger vessels through Sydney Harbour, Botany Bay and the ports of Newcastle, Port Kembla, Yamba and Eden, while providing immediate and appropriate responses to safety and environmental incidents.

KleinPilot is a product of the Maritime Traffic Management product area of Saab, a leading provider of Maritime Enterprise Software.

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