January, 2005. The Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia required a system to improve the accuracy of the data used in conducting an Air Emissions Inventory and selected Klein Systems Group (KSG) for the project.

“We felt that Klein was ideal for the project because of their international and local expertise in pilot and port management systems. Klein is known locally for their implementation of a dispatch and billing system at the Pacific Pilotage Authority and is very familiar with the Chamber of Shipping data requirements and its Canadian Coast Guard interface” stated Chamber of Shipping Manager Bonnie Gee. The system will import data from the Pacific Pilotage Authority and the Canadian Coast Guard to create detailed information on ships visiting British Columbia. This data will be then supplemented with survey data on engines and fuel consumed while the vessels are operating in British Columbia. The end result will be an accurate annual inventory of air emissions from ship visits to British Columbia that will contribute to a marine air emissions study carried out by Environment Canada and the Greater Vancouver Regional District. “We are very excited about adding the Chamber of Shipping as another local client” stated KSG President Peter Klein.