Vancouver, B.C., August 25, 2009 – Klein Systems Group Ltd. (Klein), a wholly owned subsidiary of HITT NV in The Netherlands, announced today that Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ), a Queensland, Australia State agency, has successfully gone live with the KleinPort Management Information System named ‘QSHIPS’ by MSQ.

KleinPort/QSHIPS, with the MSQ operators, manages vessel visits in and out of all State ports. The integrated and coordinated software system improves safety of ships, optimizes the operations through the decrease of redundancies, reduction of manual entry, and effectively sharing of information to relevant users. “We are proud of achieving these results together with a forward thinking and dedicated group at MSQ” said Gina Arsens, President & CEO of Klein.
Safety is enhanced as planned vessel traffic is checked against MSQ’s specific shipping and business rules or assessment rules. Variations of vessel traffic against the assessment rules are displayed as conflicts prompting resolution. Operations are optimized as necessary resources such as pilots, tugs, linesmen, launches and stevedores confirm their availability on line. From an agent’s perspective, the web portal enables fast time visit nomination and status checking of vessels. Extensive and flexible reporting is another strong attribute of the system.
KleinPort/QSHIPS is further used for the issuance of permits, management of exemptions, effective tracking of tug and barge convoys, ship defect tracking, route and waypoint management, cargo information, tidal window calculations, the charging of fees, and much more all for the safe and efficient movement of Queensland destined vessel traffic.
About Maritime Safety Queensland

MSQ is a State Agency attached to Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads. MSQ’s role is to protect Queensland’s waterways and the people who use them—providing safer, cleaner seas. Maritime Safety Queensland is responsible for:
• Improving maritime safety for shipping and small craft through regulation and education
• minimizing vessel-sourced waste and responding to marine pollution
• providing essential maritime services such as pilotage for regional ports and aids to navigation
• Encouraging and supporting innovation in the maritime industry.
For more information, visit Maritime Safety Queensland’s web-site at