August 2008. Fremantle Ports has contracted with Klein Systems Group Ltd. (KSG) to provide a version of its N-tier KleinPort product to replace the port’s existing management information systems for vessel operations, electronic interface for port customers and revenue billing activities.

The latest KleinPort application utilizes a multi-tier architecture to facilitate use over wide operations areas by many concurrent operators. The system includes features for advanced vessel scheduling for both Fremantle harbour areas, resource management for port service providers, and comprehensive Web interface for port customer’s, full revenue billing capability and extensive management reporting functions. The system will also interface to the port’s existing financial accounting, data warehouse and Dynamic Under Keel Clearance applications, as well as to the Fremantle Pilots’ computer system.
The project is scheduled for completion in early 2010 and includes a long term maintenance agreement. Fremantle Ports is the largest and busiest general cargo port in Western Australia accounting for over 80% by value of seaborne imports and 25% by value of the State’s exports. Fremantle is well positioned geographically to link with the world’s major trade routes and is often the first and last port of call for shipping between Australia and overseas ports.