May, 2007. Zeeland Seaports operates the Dutch ports of Flushing and Terneuzen on the Scheldt River. Klein Systems Group will implement the Port Management System in close cooperation with its Dutch based affiliate company HITT Traffic of Apeldoorn. Subsequent to the decision of Amsterdam Port Authority to select a similar KleinPort system, Zeeland Seaports also chose the KleinPort application to organize the vessel schedule planning and day to day port and cargo operations activities.

The system will integrate information communications between the ports and other private and governmental organisations, effectively acting as a single portal for all stakeholders in the Zeeland Seaports area. The system will be used by Zeeland Seaports staff at four office locations and support approximately forty-five remote users. Multiple electronic interfaces integrate the KleinPort system with other existing systems in the Zeeland area. The system package includes three years of maintenance and will be operational within two years.