July, 2006. The Queensland Government has chosen Klein Systems Group to update the state’s ship movement management system. Transport Minister Paul Lucas has announced that Maritime Safety Queensland has signed a contract with Klein for a new Vessel Traffic Management Information System. Maritime Safety Queensland is a Queensland Transport Agency that plans and coordinates the safe movement of vessel in Queensland waters.

Maritime Safety Queensland regulates shipping in Queensland ports covering some 14,000 ship movements annually. Its current information system is ageing and needs to be replaced so Maritime Safety Queensland can effectively monitor, regulate and manage the growing number of ship movements in the state. The new Vessel Traffic Management Information System will be both technically and functionally superior to the existing system and is a significant boost for safety in the region. Klein Systems Group has been providing Management Information System solutions to the maritime industry for over twenty years. As well as managing ship movements, the new system will be used to manage essential services in ports, including response co-ordination to any ship-sourced marine pollution incidents and the effective scheduling of marine pilotage in regional ports. Real-time information on the movement of vessels gathered from complimentary ship monitoring technologies, such as radar and satellite tracking will be used to refine the ship traffic surface picture and to enhance the scheduling information contained within the Vessel Traffic Management Information System. Mr. Lucas also stated that the system will further help to minimise the risk of ship delays and accidents, and that the new Vessel Traffic Management Information System is a 24/7 commitment by the state government to maritime efficiency and safety in Queensland ports. The Vessel Traffic Service Operators who use this equipment are the maritime industry’s version of air traffic controllers and to ensure the protection of our valuable marine environment, they need the best system available.