April, 2006. The Canaveral Port Authority (CPA) of Cape Canaveral, Florida has contracted with Klein Systems Group Ltd. (KSG) to purchase a Port Management Information System based on KSG’s proven KleinPort Management Information System as currently deployed at numerous port locations around the world.

CPA is a growing cruise and cargo port on Florida’s Atlantic coast. The system will streamline management of CPA’s port operations and provide a new integrated billing system, with both modules operating on a single Microsoft SQL Server data base. The system will facilitate the management of vessel activity, berth planning and conflict resolution, property management, management reporting, as well as the seamless invoicing of all CPA revenue services. Integration to CPA’s new financial management system will be achieved with a comprehensive interface to accounts receivable. Additional features for CPA Operations include the KSG graphical berthing tool to exactly position vessels at particular pier mark locations and the installation of a shore based Automatic Identification System (AIS), from KSG partner ICAN (www.icanmarine.com), with the option to integrate the AIS messages with the KleinPort MIS data base application. The Statistical Reporting module will provide CPA Senior Management with the timely information needed to make informed decisions.